Dee Dee Roberts

DeAnna (Dee Dee) Roberts is the president and co-founder of Running River Ministries, an apostolic prophetic training ministry serving the body of Christ.  

Dee Dee is an Ordained Prophet with Church on the Rock International in Oklahoma where she has served as a Prophet to OPAN and HAPN led by Dr. John Benefiel.  Dee Dee is also commissioned as a Prophet by Global Spheres International where she is a member and aligned in her ministry with Apostle Chuck Pierce as a Prophet. 

She functions as the Prayer Coordinator for International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders (ICAL) led by Apostle John P. Kelly.  Dee Dee is also a member of International Coalition of Prophets (ICOPS) and since 1999, she has been a member of International Deliverance Society

She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Oklahoma State University and a Practical MinistryDegree from Wagner Leadership Institute.

Dee Dee Roberts passion is that the prophetic voice of God's people be strengthened,encouraged  and developed in all streams of culture. True expression of  the Kingdom culture to bring vision and changes throughout all spheres of society.  This is an Apostolic-Prophetic Ministry that is used to gather, train and equip the body of Christ. She and Chris serve many apostles to help serve and participate in new Kingdom expressions and paradigms. She is known for her accurate prophetic voice. She has a gathering ability to activate, train, and equip the body of Christ with apostolic faith through apostolic preaching and prophetic input.She is very passionate about each of the  generations connecting as the one new man is arising to connect together with the culture of the Kingdom of God.

She and her husband Chris have two grown sons and a daughter , and a daughter in law. A beaming joy of a new grandson.They live on a ranch in Carney, Oklahoma and attend Church on the Rock in Oklahoma City.


Chris Roberts


Chris is an Apostolic-Prophet with nearly 40 years of business experience in the field of oil services. He began with Schlumberger Oil Services in 1980 as a diesel mechanic and moved up to Supervisor as he proved his leadership skills working in Russia for 10 years, Venezuela, China, Trinidad, Canada, and the USA. Now retired from Schlumberger, he stays active as a consultant contractor striving to advance the mechanical and engineering functions to improve the future for oil services.

As an apostolic prophet, Chris has a unique prophetic perspective with accurate visions of what God desires people to know. When Chris is praying for people, God typically gives him unusual and memorable pictures that often release tears or laughter, but always bless each one as they experience a deep expression of God’s love. 

Chris is known for his wisdom, humility, and insight as he teaches in groups in a prophetic form that helps people transform their thinking. He has the gift to change complex problems into simple solutions for many. 

Married for 35 years, Chris and Dee Dee use their experiences and Godly understanding of a healthy marriage to help many couples.  

Where are Dee Dee and Chris?

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