Endorsements & Testimonies


By Julie Whitaker of Edmond, Oklahoma


I have been blessed by Prophet Mrs. Dee Dee Roberts and the Running River Ministries, Inc.  I trust Prophet Mrs. Dee Dee Roberts’ Prophetic Words and her leadership with the Running River Ministries, Inc. 


Each and every prophetic Word I have received from her and her team since approximately 2006 has been edifying and given me direction and hope for the future. 

The Running River Ministries, Inc.’s Prophetic Activation Training has given me a new confidence and confirmation that I hear the voice of my Father God.  I have also purchased audio lessons, Kingdom In Devil Out and Kingdom Identity, through the ministry, as well and I am free of buyer’s remorse.  The lessons the ministry provides have been very insightful.  I was especially interested in the information regarding the principalities in the atmosphere and electronics.  

Mrs. Roberts shares wisdom that is so deep that it is mind-bending and life changing.  I am grateful for the work that is done through the ministry.  My prayer is that Prophet Mrs. Dee Dee Roberts and the Running River Ministries, Inc. receive the full portion of the prophet’s reward in Jesus’ name!  

By Becky Albert


I have had the privilege of knowing DeeDee Roberts for over 20 years. Her ministry is solid, biblically based and filled with prophetic insight. 

DeeDee is compassionate; well-seasoned in deliverance, prophecy and teaching; and minsters with grace and truth. She is genuine, honest, and lives her life transparently and with passion. 

 I have attended her prophetic activation classes and they are stellar. The teaching on the prophetic is biblically sound, practical, well-organized, personal and revelational! The classes are very interactive and loads of fun, while challenging you to “go to the next level” prophetically.  


By David & Kim Stanley


My wife and I have known Dee Dee for a decade. We met her when we started attending COTR and she and her family have become some of our dearest friends. She has been a strong tested prophetic voice to our family and even to our bloodline.

We actually witnessed the full extent of the gifting God has given her in one of our home group meetings. We had a neighbor named Tammy that lived behind us that had just received Jesus and this meeting was her first time to attend. When we were all discussing her receiving Christ and getting to know her as a group, Dee Dee looked right at her and told her that her husband was about to receive a windfall at work, and to not be surprised if his salary doubled in the next two weeks. At that point I gulped and thought man I hope she is correct. 

Fast forward a week or so. Our phone rang with a very excited Tammy on the other end. say that they had underpaid him significantly for his position and the work he was doing She told us that her husband came home from work completely puzzled and excited by what had happened that day. She said his boss called him in and said we have just done an audit on your position and realized that we have made a mistake. They went on to. When they showed him his new pay structure it was almost double what they had been paying him. 

Praise God! Tammy’s faith went through the roof, and so did ours. We had never witnessed anything like it up to that point in our lives.

I would encourage anyone looking for someone to teach and lead them into a deeper understanding and operation of the prophetic to attend any program she is teaching. 

I truly believe that you cannot lead people where you have not gone yourself. 

Dee Dee is someone you can allow to lead you, knowing she has and continues to walk where many are wanting to go in the prophetic. 



By Jennifer Whitener

 I highly recommend every aspect of Running River Ministries to take you and your ministry to the next level.

Dee Dee and Chris Robert’s wisdom, insight, and sound biblical training have been invaluable to me personally and in helping develop my prophetic voice. They give accurate, timely words in season, with love, that help me bear fruit.

Dee Dee’s mother’s heart pushed me out of the nest and helped me heal in a way that’s increased my capacity to love others and see more clearly. She encouraged and fostered my gifts before I even knew they existed. I’ve seen her do that everywhere she goes. 

Their heart to facilitate and equip the Ekklesia in our region to shift into the fullness of their calling is imperative in this hour!  

Their training and activations are designed in phases to grow from one level to the next, over and over again. Their body of work and testimonies as a result, make the training rich, heartfelt, and relatable. 

I’ve laughed, been inspired, and gone so much deeper in each class. Of course that can be uncomfortable and seem scary, but they provide a safe environment with others who are in the same boat. So jump in and grow!